Riccardo Gioggi Studio

Riccardo Gioggi Studio is a professional recording studio based in Rome.  Easy to reach, the studio offers services like recording, mixing, mastering and reamping. We use Universal Audio hardware and converters for pristine, high quality results.

The studio has been projected by the famous italian acoustic engineer Renzo Nouglian, who gave to any space of the studio a balanced, flawless sound.

The Riccardo Gioggi studio is 90 square meters on the whole surface, and it’s made of three main spaces:
Recording Room A (25 square meters)
Recording Room B (14 square meters)
Control Room
Plus, we have Restroom and Relax Space.

We worked with a huge variety of artists and styles, from djent, to electronic music to flamenco. We want to produce great-sounding music despite of any label about its musical genre!

Book your session or ask any info at:  booking@riccardogioggi.com


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